IndieBo, the Bogota Independent Film Festival

IndieBo was born from the firm belief that culture is fundamental to animate, humanize and connect the members of any society. This belief becomes a reality when sharing universal stories that inspire people and nurture their dreams. Exposing the public to art that opens the mind to new perspectives, IndieBo strives to motivate people to get involved with their community, and raise their level of commitment to society at large. In addition to promoting independent filmmaking, this festival promotes initiatives in the creative industry, contributes to the training of entrepreneurs through workshops and master classes, and creates a space where advent-garde work is visible to critics, investors and the public in general. IndieBo is becoming the most important independent film festival for interactive audiovisual experiences, both within Colombia and on the international stage. Over 10 days in 20 locations around Bogot√°, IndieBo uses cinemas, parks and unconventional spaces, giving the public a chance to experience the most advanced innovations in the audiovisual arts. Founded by Paola Turbay, Alejandro Estrada and Juan Carvajal in 2014, IndieBo is committed bringing culture to the people.

Comercial IndieBo 2017